• Siding Repair and Gutters

    Germantown Seamless Guttering has been providing residential and commercial siding repair and comprehensive service to your rain gutters for over 26 years throughout the Metro East area. Your gutters serve a pivotal role regarding your home’s defense against water damage and soil erosion; they work together with your home’s siding, roof, fascia, and soffit boards to achieve successful results.

    If you need a gutter inspection, cleaning, or repair, we are the professionals for the job. And yet, we don’t just stop our services there. We take pride in being the number one solution for your gutters and siding repair. Therefore, if your home suffers from water damage, give us a call to revamp your home’s defenses with our quality siding repair and replacement services.

    Need siding repair for your home or commercial property in the Metro East? Call us today for a free quote on all our services offered!

  • If it rains in your area, your home is much more efficient and protected with rain gutters installed. Your gutters effectively move excess rainwater from your roof away from your home and landscape, which greatly reduces the potential of your home suffering from water damage or soil erosion. It is important for your home to maintain and clean your gutters routinely to prevent a buildup of leaves and other sediments that can lead to these damages. Germantown Seamless Guttering offers free inspections to give you a professional opinion on solutions for your gutter system.

  • Gutter Installation

    If your home or business is being built or has been recently constructed and doesn’t have a gutter system, we offer pristine seamless gutter installation services. Even though your home may seem like it is operating smoothly without gutters, we advise you to take a proactive approach before rain season approaches.

    A home without gutters installed doesn’t bode well for its structural integrity and landscape. Pools of water can begin to show up, and water damage to your home’s siding leads to rotted boards and mold. Eventually, your roof will begin to leak, and the basement is at risk of flooding, all because your home couldn’t properly defend itself from rainwater and other elements.

    Ensure your home is properly protected from the costly repairs of water damage and soil erosion; call Germantown Seamless Guttering for your gutter installation.

  • Gutter Covers

    If you are tired of the headache of constantly removing leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters, consider having gutter protection, such as gutter covers and screens, installed. Germantown Seamless Guttering offers quality products to help prevent leaves, debris, and even birds from entering your gutters and causing a ruckus.

    Our team specializes in installing proper gutter protection to best keep you protected from debris clogging your gutters.

  • Gutter Repairs

    In need of gutter repair? Germantown Seamless Guttering is up for the task. For the most part, routine gutter cleaning should help prolong the life of your gutters. However, if animals have nested within your gutter system, digging and clawing can leave your gutters in need of repair. If this happens, we provide fast solutions to bring the integrity of your gutters back to 100%.

    We understand the importance of functioning rain gutters and commit ourselves to our clients and community by providing quality gutter repair and replacement services. Call us to schedule an inspection and free quote; let us provide our expert solutions and get your home’s defenses back on track before the next storm!

  • Siding Installation and Repair

    In addition to providing protection to your home from Mother Nature and her elements, siding provides a stunning aesthetic to make your neighbors envious. If you are in the market for a bold, beautiful visual appeal and quality protection from rain and severe weather, Germantown Seamless Guttering offers the premier siding solutions in the Metro East area.

  • Our most popular option is vinyl siding, due to its sleek look and energy-efficient capabilities, but we offer wood siding, as well. When you hire us, we offer choices of materials, colors, and textures to properly capture the right solution for your home’s aesthetic.

    Siding is the first line of exterior defense for your home; it is important to keep it looking pristine for curb appeal, and fully-functioning for peace of mind. Whether you need a replacement of rotted timber or a full-scale installation, we are more than happy to work with you to achieve superior results.

    If you need siding repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance – call your trusted friends at Germantown Seamless Guttering (618) 523-7130.

  • Soffit & Fascia

    Soffit and fascia work together to protect your home’s roof and siding. Often forgotten and rarely given the credit it deserves, your home’s soffit and fascia eliminate the gap between your roof and siding, halting any water or pests from entering. As one of the major defensive features your home can have, soffit and fascia help defend your home’s structural integrity.

  • Soffit – exposed underside of your roof overhang

  • Fascia - the boarding that supports your gutters

  • Soffit and fascia play a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of water damage to your home, but both are also susceptible to water damage from overflowing gutters. When it comes to your home’s gutters, siding, soffit, and fascia – they all work together or fail together. The best way to ensure that your home’s exterior defenses are properly functioning is to call your local professionals at Germantown Seamless Guttering for all of your gutter, siding, soffit, and fascia needs. We provide free inspections and estimates for all of our customers!