• Fascia & Soffit

    Soffit and fascia work together to help close the gap between your siding and roof. Soffit refers to the exposed underside of your roof overhang, while fascia is used to create a smooth appearance on your roof’s edge. They both play a role in defending your home’s structural integrity from rainwater and severe weather.

    While they may be intimidating to pronounce, they serve an important purpose for your home and its protection. If you are in Clinton county and surrounding areas and need repairs, call your friends at Germantown Seamless Guttering. The benefits of a beautifully constructed home with fascia, soffits, and vinyl siding are unmatched.

  • Benefits of Fascia & Soffits

    Subtle VentilationSoffit functions to help ventilation for your home to help keep your attics cool and dry, while simultaneously offering an enticing visual appeal. Our soffit from Germantown Seamless Guttering provides constant airflow via hidden aeration, giving you the best of both worlds – beauty and function.

    Ultra-Rigid DesignAs they age, soffit panels are known to sag; this decreases its performance rate and causes an eyesore. However, our soffit offers an authentic design that helps soffit remain flat and level throughout the years.

    Easy MaintenanceVinyl soffit emits the visual beauty of wood but minimizes the maintenance required to keeping it looking pristine. Our vinyl soffit is made up of weather-resistant materials to help provide protection and durability from the rain and severe weather.

    Design VarietyWhen choosing Germantown Seamless Guttering for your soffit and fascia needs, our accessories and materials come in various colors and styles to best suit your home’s look.

  • Soffit and Fascia Repair

    Even though they do a significant amount of work, soffit and fascia hardly get the credit or attention they deserve. However, Germantown Seamless Guttering advises against neglecting these two workhorses. If they become rotted and infested with mold from water damage, it needs to be addressed ASAP; otherwise, the damage can cause leaks or siding deterioration beyond repair.

    Repairing soffit and fascia not only impedes water damage but also prevents animals, like rodents and birds, from nesting inside your home. Soffit and fascia act as barriers to keep pests out, which can cause serious damage when they chew or dig at your roof material. Let our experts at Germantown Seamless Guttering provide quality soffit and fascia repair to ensure your home’s defense is 100% ready.

  • Soffit and Fascia Replacement

    In the unfortunate event that your home’s soffit and fascia are rotted, loosened, or damaged beyond repair, our experts at Germantown Seamless Guttering can handle the task of replacement. When you hire us, you can count on premier solutions for your fascia and siding replacement, as we use premium materials from well-respected brands and manufacturers.

    Constructing a brand-new building? Call us today for our soffit and fascia installation services!

    In our experience, the number one roof repair is leaks. Gutters, siding, soffit, and fascia all play a role in preventing this issue. If water isn’t properly drained from your roof, moisture builds up under your roof and eventually results in leaks. The best way to avoid these troubles is with a functioning gutter system, properly installed siding, and regular maintenance. These are all preventative measures to avoid potential costs of water damage and more.

    • If you decide it’s time to protect your home from water damage the professional way, call Germantown Seamless Guttering (618) 523-7130.