• Siding Installation

    A great way to boost your home’s aesthetic and leave your neighbors envious is with siding. In addition to adding a bold and beautiful look, it also adds an extra level of protection for your home. With over 26 years of installation experience, we know the value that it can add to your home. For repair and installation, call us today (618) 523-7130 for a free quote and see how we can increase your home’s curb appeal.

  • In addition to improving your home’s visual appeal, siding can help keep you protected from rain, hail, snow, and other elements. It is also a great way to keep your home protected from UV radiation at an affordable price, and it generally requires little maintenance.  Vinyl is a popular option due to its great benefits and energy efficiency value, but we work with various materials, including wood. Pick your choice of material, color, and texture with Germantown Seamless Guttering for your ideal aesthetic that best suits your home.

    Regardless if it is a first-time installation or an upgrade from wood to vinyl, you can trust your local experts at Germantown Seamless Guttering for your siding repair and installation.

    • Siding Repair & Replacement

      If your siding shows signs of cracking, peeling paint, or discoloration, it could be suffering from water damage, and is time to repair or replace it. Routine maintenance helps to prolong its life and preserves your curb appeal. However, once the signs of damage are there, it is important to act quickly.

      Whether the damage affects a small section of rotted timber or an entire home, we are the experts in siding repair and replacement.

      If you need siding repair, replacement, installation or maintenance – call your trusted friends at Germantown Seamless Guttering (618) 523-7130.